How does exercise affects our health?

How does exercise affects our health?

There is nodenying to the fact that almost all the ailments which one suffers from are primarily caused due to two main factors – mental tension and physical inactivity. Interestingly, these two traits too, are inter related. If one does some kind of physical activity, then the stress level decreases and if one lives an inactive life, then he is suppose to have much higher level of mental tension. Hence, we can say that one of the ways to keep yourself healthy is by doing regular exercise.

Importance of exercise:

All of us are aware that exercise keeps us fit and healthy. Depending on the kind of

exercise that one does, he would be able drives according benefits from it. For example if you do to gym and do weights, then you can develop a muscular body. In the same way if you regularly go for a jog or run, then you can gradually develop a strong stamina and wont get tired easily.

As for the other way round, if you live an inactive life and your work revolves within office and requires you to sit than be in the market, then that would gradually result in making you lazy and you are more likely to gain weight in a long run. Therefore, it is necessary that you ensure that there is some kind of physical activity involved in your life, be it natural or with your conscious effort.

A good and regular dose of exercise would be very helpful to keep you fit and healthy for life. Some of the ways in which you can exercise are:

a) Play some sport.

b) Take your kids to the garden and play with them.

c)} Play with your pets.

d) Join a swimming club.

e) Go for a jog

f) Join a gym.

Apart from it, try to walk to your nearby places than to use vehicle. Bicycling too would be a great idea for covering short distances. Avoid lift and encourage stair climbing; that would do you a lot of good. And then, if you think, then you can find lots of other ways that can very well go along well with your day to day life and make it active. Once you can make these activities a habit, then it would be much easier for you to maintain them and this will definitely make you a healthy person.

Donald D. Hayden